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Congratulations to 

Tiffani Bakunas

The 2018 recipient of the Georgene Byrum Technologist of the Year Award!

This is what Tiffani's peers wrote about her:

I know that if you are looking for a radiology "Rock Star" the person that comes to mind immediately is Tiffani Bakunas.  A graduate of The Valley Hospital School of Radiography in 1995, Tiffani has worked her way to the position of Supervisor, Diagnostic Radiography.  A title that barely describes the role that she plays in the day to day operation of the Diagnostic Imaging department.

Her technical expertise is more than noteworthy and her dedication to patients having the best experience at Valley possible are unrivaled!  I have rarely seen anyone who works as hard as she does and stays as pleasant and as engaged as she does.  She has been recognized by many patients for exceptional care through our patient satisfaction surveys.  

She has also worked closely with our Scheduling and Registration staff to help them understand the exams that they are scheduling,  When these employees understand the why behind what order certain exams get scheduled in there are less errors in scheduling which directly impacts the patient experience and safety.

I know no one that exemplifies positive team interactive skills like Tiffani.  She is the "go to" person for the doctors, nurses, the imaging staff, and perhaps most importantly the staunchest supporter of our patients receiving the most ethical and paralleled care possible.  On top of all the hats that she wears, Tiff is also and outstanding role model and mentor for The Valley Hospital School of Radiography students, who by the way just love her!

Kindly, consider choosing Tiffani, as the Georgene B. Byrum Technologist of the Year.

Congratulations to 

Marsha Sager-Kurzweil, R.T. (R)

First recipient of the Georgene Byrum Technologist of the Year Award!

This is what Marsha's peers wrote about her:

Marsha has been a radiographer for over 30 years. She is a member of ASRT as well as the NJSRT. She is an active and devoted advocate for the radiologic technology profession. She is an exceptional radiographer who leads by example on a daily basis, dedicated to always going above and beyond expected duties. She demonstrates an outstanding code of ethics, excellent patient care, great communication skills, thorough in her radiologic skills - positioning, shielding, and minimizing radiation exposure. In addition, she is an exceptional teacher and role model, just to name a few of her attributes. 

All these wonderful qualities not only touch our hearts but the hearts of every patient she meets. During her tenure at St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center Marsha has managed to develop the ability to remember not only former patients names but also in many instances, their birthdays. She inspires and amazes us on a daily basis which is why we feel she is a huge asset to our department and to the radiologic technology profession.

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